The Emergence Of Larger Intelligence

For the duration of my years of studying and observing human psychology and soul improvement, I’ve noticed how people today can be deceived and I’ve noticed how some rise above the attempted deception to stay or develop into independent thinkers. What I have come to observe and reflect on not too long ago is the emergence of independent thinkers who have created a larger intelligence – an intuitive capability to perceive the Truth beyond the surface.

Initially, this perception starts as cognitive dissonance. Some thing does not really feel appropriate. It feels “off” but it really is not clear why. At times the feeling is a robust repulsion. This cognitive dissonance leads to investigation. The investigation leads 1 to the Truth. Then 1 Truth leads to yet another as 1 goes down rabbit hole right after rabbit hole of empirical proof – the tough information that are established in documentation and eye-witness private observation. Whistle blowers are the heroes of currently.

Now there are big numbers of people today who have evolved into a new race of humans – these of super intelligence. They have out-evolved the would-be deceptors. They out-consider them at every single turn.

Historically, the decrease human carries the group thoughts of animal instinct. As the human evolves they create their intellect. At this point 1 can either get stuck in the tiny sense of self, or move forward into the bigger sense of Self. If 1 becomes “complete of themselves” crediting all intelligence to a separate self, or ego, they develop into narcissistic. If they get trapped in this phase they demonstrate an intellectual ego. This intelligence is restricted.

The new emerging intelligence belongs to independent thinkers these who have moved onward and upward to a bigger sense of Self they have created intuitive intelligence primarily based on attunement to Truth. These people today typically reside in Integrity and are loving and sort. For the duration of transition, 1 might oscillate to some degree back and forth till accurate purity of consciousness is attained. There is a neutrality at this zero point. There is a larger point of view exactly where understanding and compassion replaces judgment.

This kind of intelligence marks the arrival of vibrational mastery.

To additional elaborate on the mental evolution, I will talk about the 3 key classes of pondering a small extra.

The initial are the group-minded people today who have a tendency to comply with the herd blindly and obediently. They are apt to comply with applications and get trapped into obtaining to be appropriate according to the narratives that educated them. They are restricted to the instinctual thoughts. They are mainly carnal in nature.

The second class of thinkers in human evolution has created intellectual intelligence. The objective is to amass conceptual concepts. They never embody these concepts they accept them. There is a higher degree of intelligence of these who collect extraordinary amounts of info. This improvement can serve either the decrease self, or the larger self. The decrease self tends to be a selfish self and gets stuck at this level of mental evolution. Some have develop into the twisted forms that use their intellectual skills to serve their carnal natures. These forms are coming out in the news in our modern day instances. They consider that they are so wise that they are above the law. They attempt to make the law with dark agendas and handle other folks. Even so, the light of Truth has a thing to say to them. Just watch how this performs out!

Some hugely created selfish intellectuals have develop into narcissistic. These forms are sought right after by the ones with dark agendas as they can be most utilized as minions to carry out their plans since they can be “purchased” with large titles and large income. They can join the “club” of the elite narcissists. They are quickly deceived.

When the intellect is created and utilized by the larger self, it is subservient to Spirit in the realm of the soul. Spirit, or soul-realized folks, are extra selfless and have open hearts toward other folks. They have a larger level of tolerance, acceptance, understanding, and compassion toward other folks. They move on to the subsequent level of mental evolution.

These are the third level of human intelligence. These are the intuitive independent thinkers who perceive with an open heart and open thoughts. They go beyond the relativities of dualistic pondering and attain the Absolute. They can discern truth from fiction with no judgment or prejudice. This is the realm of the soul, or spirit. It is the field of Wholeness – the quantum holographic field of intelligence exactly where genius is open to all.

Opening the heart and thoughts requires some ability. It is sensible (and gives security) to close the doors to the decrease vibrational astral planes and the decrease vibrations of the EMFs (electromagnetic frequencies) of the thoughts handle technologies. Power field mastery is achieved by means of shielding and help from larger vibrational beings that are beyond human intelligence.

The original intelligence tapped by the intuitive thoughts calls for attunement. This is aspect of the vibrational mastery. It is primarily based on Divine really like of all and a realization of Oneness. This Oneness is a scientific reality as properly as a resonant realization of the created soul.

This realm of the soul is found and is amalgamated with the Entire of Spirit. Jesus spoke of the kingdom of the soul as the treasure, after found, exactly where 1 would sell anything they have in order to have it.

Certainly, you can observe these who stand for truth who have lost or provided up all material possessions to comply with this path. Several have provided their lives by dedicating themselves to getting and expressing the truth. Sacrificing one’s life in service to humanity, even to the point of death, is a sign of an evolved soul. They know Infinity and they know they are Eternal. The achieve is eventually extra valuable and enduring than the sacrifice.

According to David Hawkins, author of quite a few books, like Energy vs. Force, there was a blind spot in consciousness in our former evolution of consciousness. Innocent people today could not perceive the snares of these obtaining significantly less than pure intent. They could be deceived and taken benefit of. But now, with our larger evolution of intuitive intelligence taking location appropriate now, this blind spot is becoming removed.

Cognitive dissonance is a present from the soul. As it is created, the conscience or Inner Light increases its capability to distinguish truth from fiction-secrets and lies are no longer accepted.

Feeling “off” leads to getting empirical proof.

Now in our planet of improved propaganda and tyrannical deceptions of international proportions, this new race of independent thinkers with intuitive perception is a energy to be reckoned with. We are uniting. We are fierce.

Though this is a peaceful energy it is primarily based in the Absolute.

In this unified peaceful energy, we are seeing significantly less and significantly less people today purchasing into the techniques and false info from distorted media, politicians, immoral religious “leaders”, physicians, paid shills, or otherwise.

One particular reminder might be vital for these in search of evolution: You cannot serve income and Truth. (That does not imply that sources will be restricted. On the contrary, abundance is coming to these who have sacrificed.) Priorities are primarily based on really like. You cannot be egotistical and selfish and be humanitarian and serve humanity. In each situations, you are 1 or the other. In order to evolve we have to consciously pick and be committed and devoted to Truth and service, or income and selfish achieve.

These who are evolved handle themselves. These who are not evolved attempt to handle other folks. The vast majority of the human population IS evolving into Unity Consciousness.

In this New Paradigm really like flows, truth reigns, peace prevails, and freedom is the platform for revolutionary options and genius creativity.


The author Michelle